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Guide to The Best RV Campgrounds in Indiana

Adrenaline junkies find respite in camping, making Indiana idyllic for you to sink your teeth into as it is home to some of the best RV campgrounds. Camping makes a great past time and there's nothing better than beginning the weekend with an escapade into the great outdoors.

Here is your guide to the best RV campgrounds in Indiana:

The Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort

This park has some of the best facilities all year round including the likes of WiFi, bathhouses, game rooms, an outdoor pavilion and much more. Santa's Splashdown Water Park, watercraft rentals, mini golf fields and fishing ponds are aplenty here enough to keep you occupied for some time to come!  The holidays are ideal for visiting as you get a view of the Santa Claus Museum and Village, the Santa Claus Land of Lights and Santa's Candy Castle.

The River RV Resort

The resort gets its name from the nearby Ohio River which you can explore with the opportunity to include fishing and trekking in your agenda. Every third Saturday of the month, the resort hosts a string of events which can include live bluegrass music and a Swiss wine festival. The resort is equipped with free cable, Wifi, picnic tables and much more.

The Timberline Valley RV Park

Activities are aplenty here in the Timberline Valley RV Park, making it one of the best RV campgrounds in Indiana. A private lake with watercraft rentals is in the offing, alongside a private river island, hiking, biking trails and so on. The park is home to explore all that Indiana has to offer, it comes equipped with showers, laundry, and a recreation hall amongst others.

The CERAland Park

The Cummins Employees Recreation Area or CERA Park was originally established as an area for corporate retreats but has seen a lot of camping activities due to its ideal location. A number of the sites provide water and electric facilities with sewage outlets. Showers, laundry and dining options leave you with the option of residing for simply a night or an entire season. An amphitheater with live music, fishing, go-karting, and fitness centers keeps visitors hooked all day long.

The Caboose Lake Campground

This happens to be one of the most family-friendly RV campgrounds in Indiana. This campground offers 115 sites with amp service, softened water and some of the biggest rigs. Each site is equipped with a fire ring as well as a picnic table alongside clean and spacious restrooms with shower facilities.

A fully stocked 20-acre fishing and swimming lake are in the offing which goes by the name of The Summer Beach Family Fun Zone. There also is a hippo slide and a giant trampoline. In the vicinity are the Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, the wolf sanctuary, and the  Tippecanoe Battlefield.

Keep this guide in mind the next time you are looking for campgrounds in Indiana.

Top 5 Industrial Tools that will make Your Job Easier

Contractors across industries are required to have certain must-have industrial tools and equipment that will make their job easier on the site and help to enhance their productivity. Industrial tools are typically chosen on the basis of their ease of use, versatility, and power. If you are creating an industrial tool wishlist, make sure to include the following.

Here, take a look at the top industrial tools and equipment that you need to add to your toolbox:

Oscillating multi-tool

Multi-tools can be used for several different applications since they have interchangeable heads. You can make use of an oscillating multi-tool for sanding, trimming, removal of paint, pipe cutting and so on. These tools typically come with a wide range of attachments like metal blades, wood blades, adapters and sanding pads. Its capability of completing several different tasks makes it one of the must-have tools in your toolbox.

Reciprocating saw

For any demolition or remodeling work, the reciprocating saw is considered to be an essential power tool. This tool cuts through all kinds of materials, and plumbers, electricians, and general contractors use this tool to get through nail-infused studs, pipes or even cast iron. The saw blades extend up to twelve inches and the reciprocating saw is able to manage even the tightest of spaces without any hassle. No other tool is able to do that, and therefore, you need this is one of the crucial industrial tools and equipment.

Impact driver

The chances of contractors using their cordless drill a lot more than other tools are quite high. But, if you are associated with the type of work that requires you to drive a lot of screws, you might want to consider the impact driver. With this tool, you will be able to drive screws efficiently and quickly through tough materials. This tool is lighter, smaller and requires less effort. It is perfect for contractors who have to use a drill almost the entire day.

Angle grinder

The angle grinder moves at high RPMs. It is a spinning disc and used for varied applications. For sharpening metal edges or cutting metals, a grinding wheel is used. Ceramics, tiles and other masonry substrates are cut by dry-cut diamond wheels. The angle grinder is also the tool of choice for grinding mortar as they are able to do so without causing any damage to the bricks.


When it comes to power nailers, there are different options available. The important factor when choosing these industrial tools and equipment is the firing method. Contractors who drive a number of tools in quick succession prefer this tool. This tool is also critical when one needs to measure the precise angle of firing. Power nailers might be electric (cordless or corded), pneumatic or fuel injected.

So, the above-mentioned are the top industrial equipment that you need. These tools will make your job hassle-free, easier and more efficient. Making sure that you have these tools will make sure that you have all the resources needed to get any job done.

How to Select the Best RV Park for Your Family

RV Parks in Sioux Falls

Finding an appropriate family-friendly RV Park is not that easy. Sometimes its way too costly and sometimes you do not like the venue. However, certain factors always elude from our mind, which is quite essential for the best family get-together.

Here are three things you must look out while selecting your RV Park for your family:


Safety is something, which you can't compromise no matter how much it impacts your fun. Before booking your favorite RV Park, it's crucial that you check the location of the Campground. Is it among the safest RV parks in Sioux Falls or someplace you hardly know about? The best way to ensure the venue is to do online research about the place. Other factors that determine the safety of you and your family is the overall administration and rules of the site. There are some RV parks, which allows hazardous elements such as fireworks and campfires in the campground. It's better to stay away from such RV parks. Those can be fun when there is someone to guide you for the do's and don'ts. Therefore in ideal parks, there are regulations that prohibit dangerous practices and limits campfire to the campfire ring only.


It's always fun to travel with a furry friend like pets. Before booking for your RV campground, you may require to check their policy on Pets. Either check their website for details or give them a call. While pets serve as a good companion, sometimes they tend havoc in an enclosed space. Some RV parks provide an additional area for Pet Walks, which is ideal for families with pets. Also, it is vital that the RV park that you choose to impose some limitation on pets too. Choose an RV Park where owners are instructed to keep their pets on a leash. It will ensure you that your pet is in a good place and you can be assured of their safety.

Ease in Reservation

Whether you want to park your RV inside the bustling city streets or in some of the fanciest RV Parks in Sioux Falls, it is necessary that you make a reservation and reconfirm before leaving the house. Always go for an RV Park that allows smooth reservation process Online. Some Parks also provide you good package deal during reservation, don't miss on that. Choose the best three RV parks of your choice, compare the price, discounts and package deals, and then make your ultimate decision.  

We all want to receive the best experience for the money we pay, and while focusing on the amenities, we forgot these simple factors that affect our overall experience. So, don't forget to work on these before making a choice lock on any RV park for your family.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Folic Acid Deficiency: Risks and Prevention

Folic acid, a water-soluble B-complex vitamin, is essential to form red blood cells, produce DNA and RNA, prevent age-related hearing loss, as well as prevent pregnancy-related complications such as major congenital deformities or neural birth defects.

Folic acid, sometimes a synthetic form of folate, is vital in producing red blood cells, metabolizing homocysteine, and in the creation of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of all cells. It is also essential in maintaining the amino acid levels and preventing cancer-related DNA changes.  It is usually found in supplements and fortified foods such as cereals. Since it's hard getting enough folate from natural foods such as leafy vegetables, beans, or citrus fruits, it's important to take the right amount of folic acid to prevent folic acid deficiency.

Folic acid deficiency occurs when there's lower-than-normal folic acid present in the body. Folic acid deficiency may cause health issues such as anemia, peptic ulcer, diarrhea, clinical depression, memory loss, and neural birth defects including spina bifida and anencephaly. Studies also linked folic acid deficiency to autism and birth defects such as cleft lip and palate.

Symptoms of folic acid deficiency include the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Mouth sores
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Decrease in memory or cognitive function
  • Mood disorders

Consuming dark green vegetables and other folic-acid-rich foods can prevent folic acid deficiency. Foods with high content of folic acid include asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolk, lettuce, kidney, fruits, spinach, peas, potato, among others. Folic acid supplements can also be taken to prevent folic acid deficiency, especially in pregnant women. Research studies recommend that pregnant or planning-to-get-pregnant women should take more doses of folic acid before and during pregnancy. Doing so ensures the growth of the spinal cord in the womb and prevent any deformities in newborn infants, as well as other complications brought about by folic acid deficiency.

As with all things, everything must be taken in moderation. Having too much folic acid from supplements and fortified foods can create a host of minor and major health issues. Minor side effects include nausea, loss of appetite, bloating, gas, sleep disturbances, excessive excitement, irritability, or zinc deficiency. Major side effects include numbness or tingling, mouth pain, weakness, confusion, fatigue, seizures, psychotic behavior, or inability to concentrate.

Most people also have some problems with taking folic acid not properly or fully metabolizing in their systems.  This may be due to alcohol, pharmaceutical medicine, or a genetic defect known as methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutation.

Individuals with the MTHFR mutation have a decreased ability to convert folate or folic acid into a usable form. A research study has shown that a large percentage of the population has the MTHFR mutation. Signs and symptoms of this mutation include blood sugar level problems, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, or heart issues.

Individuals with the MTHFR mutation can instead take methylated folic acid, also known as methylfolate, to prevent folic acid deficiency. Like folic acid supplements, methyfolate supplements also prevent a myriad of health issues linked to folic acid deficiency such as heart conditions, anemia, diarrhea, clinical depression, diarrhea, neural birth defects, and other such related health problems.

When your doctor prescribes methylfolate supplements for your folic acid requirements, you can go to Methyl-life to get quality supplements at reasonable prices. At Methyl-life, you are assured of fast and reliable service.


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A Clean Carpet Makes A Clean Home

A busy carpet makes a dirty carpet. After the unending traffic of busy feet and frequent spills, your carpet is ready for a facelift. That means it's time to find a carpet cleaning company. There are a number of companies in the Rockwall, TX area that provide quality work for any flooring.

Carpet Cleaning, Rockwell, TX:

ekoserve Cleaning Services & Products

Offers Green cleaning services and products that are non-toxic and "Green" certified, for a clean and chemical-free living and work environment. The products are made right in the lab and do not include any harmful agents. ekoserve cleans everything from carpets to glass, with the use of modern machines and techniques in the business and home.  

The technicians are put through a strict training process to learn about each product, piece of equipment and the proper cleaning methods. 

Services offered by ekoserve:

Carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, and repair; upholstery and leather cleaning, bed cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and even auto/boat//RV interior cleaning.

ekoserve Care Program offers discounts on "Green Products" and seasonal cleanings. Other special offers include:

·      Spill and Accident Care- unlimited care.
·      Quick Clean- Cleaning takes up to 45 minutes from the time of arrival.
·      Seasonal Cleaning Discounts- Offers 10% off of cleaning services. Use promo code for scheduling.
·      ekoserve Product Discounts- Offers 5% off all products. Use promo code during checkout.

Total estimated cost of services: 6 months for $30 1 year for $50.

To learn about the products and services, you can view video tutorials on the ekoserve products page. You can schedule a hassle-free appointment online. Trip charges of $39-$89 are required for each service appointment, depending on your zip code. Accredited by the BBB.     

Unique Carpet Cleaning

Nontoxic agents are used to cleaning your carpet. These agents are organic, making them safe for humans and pets, and friendly for the environment. This is known as "Green Cleaning".

The products used by Unique help to reduce allergens and other harmful bacteria in the household.

Services offered:

Pet odor removal, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, carpet repair and carpet stretching. Free deodorizer with service. An accurate quote was given over the phone.

NO hidden fees or high-pressure sales tactics.

Unique Carpet Cleaning provides excellent service at a reasonable price.

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning

Uses the most advanced hot water extraction process to clean and protect your carpet. This will give your carpet that fresh appearance.

Services offered:

Tile cleaning, wood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, natural stone cleaning, air duct cleaning and carpet repair. Clean Master will restore shine and gloss to your ceramic tile floor and remove any grime. Your hardwood floor will glow and will be easier to clean. Your carpet will be inspected and repaired as necessary. Also offered is restoration after water damage due to a broken pipe or plumbing overflow.
Residential and Commercial.

Family owned and operated.

Doigg's Carpet Care and Restoration

Soil is extracted from your carpet using a powerful truck-mount steam cleaning method with hot water. This gets deep down into the carpet to remove buried soil and allergens. Quickly dries.

Eco-friendly chemicals are used without leaving any residue.

Your carpet will be inspected for any problem areas and repaired as needed with special tools. Any areas that are damaged due to animal scratches or wear and tear can be repaired using spare carpet that can be found in an inconspicuous location. If your carpet appears wrinkled, it could be pulling away from the tacks. Your carpet will need to be stretched.

Prodigy Clean

Your carpet will be cared for using a pre-treatment of chemicals prior to full room cleaning. But pre-treating your carpet is not the first step.

1.    Your carpet is vacuumed for dry soil removal first. Then any light furniture is carefully moved at no extra charge.

2.   Pre-treatment will help enable better soil removal.

3.   Spot retraction will be performed using a hot water rinse (temperatures > 200) from a high-power truck-mounted machine.

4.   Spot cleaning eliminates any spots not removed by extraction.

5.    Quick-drying reduces the drying time via specialized "downdraft" drying fans.

Other services offered: upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning.

Prodigy Clean offers a 10-day satisfaction guarantee.

Citrus Smart Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet will be carefully cleaned using natural ingredients made from citrus peels. NO harmful chemicals. The citrus protects the color and texture of your carpet and leaves no residue or odors.

Eco-friendly and high quality.

No soapy residue that will attract new dirt or grime.

Use of a 4-step process for cleaning:

·      Pre-spray with the citrus cleaner to break up any heavy stains
·      "Bonnet system" moves the dirt around during cleaning
·      Fine clean using a powerful HEPA-filter to remove additional dirt
·      Groom the carpet with a carpet rake

Guaranteed service from Citrus Smart:

·      Fresh citrus smell
·      Quoted price is set to price
·      No forced flooding of carpet, carpet padding, and subflooring
·      No soapy residue left behind
·      Fast-drying
·      No wall or furniture scuffing from equipment
·      No doors left open during cleaning
·      Cleaning system is quieter

With several options in carpet cleaning, you will be able to find a company that best fits your needs. Knowing you have control over your carpet care will give you peace of mind. For more information, visit:

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The most productive and efficient businesses have one thing in common: excellent inbound customer service – Here's Why

Outsourcing to an inbound contact center to manage your company's customer services can greatly increase your chances of raking in more profits. However, many organizations have failed to recognize the growing importance of this approach – at least not until it's already too late.

There are many ways in which an inbound customer service can help make your business operations run as smooth and as productive as possible, benefiting not only your company but also your customers.

It can protect your business from dissatisfied customer reviews

Naturally, an excellent customer service can greatly contribute to the success of every enterprise, big or small. When customers are happy about their experiences, it can dramatically boost a business' word-of-mouth advertising. On the other hand, a dissatisfied customer can trigger the opposite, and most of the time, it can cause a more serious effect that will not only hurt your sales but also your ability to attract new consumers. 

So how can you ensure that you avoid this scenario? Investing in a reliable inbound contact center should be your first step. These companies are equipped with the right tools and the right people to help you manage your customers, providing with the care and attention that they deserve.

It can help you manage overwhelming customer call volumes 24/7

Most establishments lose customers not because they were dissatisfied with the products or services but for the mere reason that they felt ignored and taken for granted. This is true even for growing companies who are suddenly faced with an overwhelming increase in customer volume.

Handling the workload can be stressful but having the right team to manage your growing number of callers can make everything right. Professional call centers have the capacity to handle and accommodate high-volume calls 24/7, ensuring shorter wait and securing a higher percentage of customer retention.

It keeps in-house staff more focused on other important tasks

Imagine letting your in-house staff take in important customer service calls while setting aside their daily tasks. Although they have the relevant training in handling customers, they are much trained for more specific roles in the company – and trying to serve two masters at once will not only affect their productivity but also decrease their efficiency.

Utilizing call center services to manage your inbound customer service can help your team perform where they're good at.

It provides a smooth transition when aiming to go global

Aiming for success often means expanding your business globally, positioning your organization to actively participate in a bigger and highly competitive market. However, the transition should be carefully planned out because one wrong move can ruin everything you've worked for.

Having the resources to handle inbound customer service is one crucial step that should not be taken for granted – and it should be available even before you go global.

Imagine reaching millions of customers from every part of the world, coming from different time zones and demanding 24/7 assistance. It can be overwhelming but once done right, you're on your way to your much-awaited success.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How SEO can make or break your business

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is meant to help your business be known and discovered. You may not notice it because of your business' good pay off, but, there is a chance that a small chunk of your target consumers doesn't know or have even heard of your business. Sure you have billboards and signage all over the community but, do you think this is enough? Have you ever asked yourself if this effort is enough to make your business grow and be well known not just in your community but in the whole country? Based on research, about 59.3% of the population owns a smartphone and 73.4% of which are internet users. These numbers alone give you a clear answer that billboards and other traditional marketing strategies are no longer the only way to make it big in the industry that you choose. In fact, if you think things through, isn't it that you should be where your customers are? If your answer is yes, then SEO in San Diego might just be the answer that you've been looking for.

Having a website is a good start to becoming visible online. However, driving traffic to your website entails hard work and professional skills. While aesthetics and functionality are very important keys to increase page visits, it is also highly recommended to associate links, keywords or phrases to your website in order to drive more traffic. How does one choose an effective keyword? Leave that to the experts and turn to your most trusted SEO provider in San Diego. A skilled SEO provider in San Diego will be able to help you come up with sets of keywords that, when searched, will automatically show a link to your website. Thus, increasing your page visits. You should be very wary when it comes to choosing your keywords as one simple incorrect keyword can surely ruin your business' identity. That's how powerful keywords are. 

Now that you have chosen the right keywords and have increased your page visits, next thing you should put your attention to is your website's content. It is not enough that your page only looks good but rather, it should also have quality content that will make your viewers stay and keep on coming back for more updates and content. Not a skilled writer? Don't fret as a professional SEO provider in San Diego can come up with a high-quality content which will make your viewers ask for more. It is recommended to work with SEO providers when coming up with contents as they have the right knowledge and information on how to come up with relevant articles that will surely give your business the right amount of exposure that you need. In addition, this is to avoid coming up with irrelevant write-ups that might only do harm than good to your business. Remember, content is still king no matter how fast-paced this world has become.

Overall, effective SEO strategies are composed of well-researched keywords, good content, and a well-optimized website. By working with a skilled SEO provider in San Diego, you are sure to gain quality page visits and maintain a top spot for your website and business.